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Your dream day is almost here. The plans have been made, the venue has been picked, and the caterer has been decided—your wedding day is fast approaching and you can’t wait! But, as the day slowly but surely creeps up on you, you’re left asking yourself—am I totally ready for my wedding day? If you haven’t yet picked out your wedding dress, your wedding flowers, your wedding shoes and more, don’t stress. We’ve got good news for you—JJ’s House is here with all the wedding products you could ever possibly need!


We have everything, from the expected—like bridal gowns and ball gowns—to the practical—like wedding flowers and wedding shoes—to the unexpected but sometimes necessary—like petticoats.


That’s right, JJ’s House has petticoats in every shape, style, size, length, and more! No matter what your petticoat needs are—whether you need one for your wedding day or for another occasion (like underneath a ball gown)—we have the perfect petticoat for you!


Why Should I Buy a Petticoat?

You might be thinking to yourself, “aren’t petticoats a little bit outdated?” Though petticoats are technically a relic from the past, they certainly haven’t been entirely thrown under the rug and filed away. In fact, petticoats are still excellent solutions to ball gown, bridal gown, prom dress, and bustle gown issues!


A petticoat is a skirt that you wear underneath your gown to give it a little bit of an extra fluff! That’s the secret behind those full skirts you see in ball gowns.


The cool thing about petticoats? Unlike your wedding dress, you can wear them more than once! Sure, you can wear a petticoat beneath your bridal gown, but you can also wear a petticoat underneath a bustle dress, a ball gown, or even for prom dresses. A petticoat is an optional and versatile piece of lady’s attire that can boost your look in no time at all—especially if you’re looking for a little extra poof and fluff underneath the skirt of your ball gown, prom dress, bridal gown, and more.


JJ’s House Has a Variety of Petticoats Options

JJ’s House has such a large variety of petticoat options that you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for you! Whether you’re looking for a smooth and simple petticoat, a tulle petticoat, a tiered petticoat, or even a mermaid style petticoat, we’ve got all the options you could possibly need to make your ball gown, bustle gown, prom dress, or bridal gown pop in the right places!


From Petite to Plus Size Petticoat, JJ’s House Has It All

What’s better? JJ’s House has petticoats in all sizes! From petite petticoats to plus size petticoats, there’s something here for everyone—no matter what shape, height, or size. In fact, JJ’s House can even custom size your petticoat to best fit you! There are hundreds upon hundreds of options out there for all sizes, no matter what type of petticoat you’re looking for!