Zarif İpek pençe/wristlets/Üstten Saplı Çantalar/Gelin Çanta/Akşam Çantaları
Renk: Alacakaranlık

Zarif İpek pençe/wristlets/Üstten Saplı Çantalar/Gelin Çanta/Akşam Çantaları

109,00 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

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işlem süresi: 5-6 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün
Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #5403
Kategori pençe, wristlets, Üstten Saplı Çantalar, Gelin Çanta, Akşam Çantaları
fırsat Düğün, Töreni & Parti
Kabuk malzemesi İpek
Iç astar Düz Örgü Astarı
Emblishment Çiçek(ler)
uzunluk 7.87" (Approx.20cm)
genişlik 2.36"(Approx.6cm)
Yükseklik 4.33" (Approx.11cm)
Açık Yöntem Öpücük Kilidi Kapatma
Askı veya Tutamaç Stili Crossbody, zincir, Askı olmadan Çanta
Askı Uzunluğu Uzun Zincir 45.7"-47.2"(Approx.116cm-120cm)
Tutar Sizin cüzdan, anahtarlar, ruj ve kişisel teknoloji
İpuçları Nedeniyle monitör varyasyonlara renkler biraz farklı görünebilir
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2019-09-27 04:39:40

I received my bag, very elegant and beautifully made, a little small , would not hold very much, but matches the dress I bought very well, good option with top handle and also chain


2017-11-23 10:20:29

v nice love it


2015-05-15 11:33:40

This bag is awesome.... I bought it in RED..and boy was it RED.... bigger than I thought..but still love it...and would use it for any occasion, not just formal, I love funky things like this and would sport it with jeans and a jacket. Cant beat $14.99 either.


2015-05-04 12:00:38

This bag is awesome. I brought it for my daughter and she loves it.


2014-05-24 01:54:56

Can't be happier with the bag I received! It is beyond my expectation! like the tips described, there are minor color difference, but the one I got is more bright and the color is better than it appeared on the website! I took it as an extra surprise! EXCITED!


2014-05-14 02:49:15

Great clutch for this price. Definitely no complaints. Color I've chosen coordinated with my dress. Very pleased with my purchase! I think I will be a regular customer on jjshouse! Nice job!


2014-05-12 02:48:31

This must be the most beautiful bag I've ever had in my life! I ordered the ivory one and received it today, it is so elegant! I can't wait to take it out and show it to my friends, I think I will receive lots of compliments! Haw-haw!


2014-04-21 01:44:50

I bought this lovely bag in pink for my younger sister and she loves it! The rose is her favourite flower and the rose design bag looks great on her. Happy!


2014-03-21 13:33:51

Quality clutch! SOOO much nicer in person than even the photo details! This was my first JJHouse purse purchase but it definitely wont be my last! Thank you, cant wait to use this for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding;) To accompany the incredible dress purchased from you as well. Awesome!


2012-07-17 01:55:49

I am so happy i bought these for my bridesmaids they are gorgeous! I wish i would have bought one for myself! More beautiful then the picture shows.