"Top Pop" Flip-Flop şekli Krom Şişe Açacakları
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"Top Pop" Flip-Flop şekli Krom Şişe Açacakları

9,14 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

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işlem süresi: 3-4 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün
Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #5525
Kategori Şişe Açıcılar
Temalar Plaj Tema
Mevsim Bahar, Yaz, Düşmek, Kış
şekil Flip-Flop şekli
Malzemeler Krom
Yaklaşık Boyut 3 1/2" X 1 1/4" (8.9*3.2cm)
Paketleme Hediye kutusu, OPP
Dertsiz Tasasiz Iade
7 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2018-02-16 01:59:14

So gorgeous, we have ordered them as favours for the men at our Ibizia Wedding this year.


2015-05-18 15:24:20

Very happy with this item.


2013-11-18 01:30:32

What a cute and nice bottle opener! I love the colour as it can always make me refreshing. As to the design, it is in the shape of shoes, so unique and lovely. In addition, it is in high quality and can be used for a long time.


2013-08-19 01:40:52

I ourchased them for my best friends wedding and she just can not believe her eyes! so lovely!! so beautiful!! thank you:) it is solid and worthy the money :) would like to highly recommend!!!!!!!


2013-08-18 00:45:15

Super cute and excellent quality! Very pleased with them. I think they will look amazing at our wedding! This is the first time for me to order items from oversea. The shipment was fast and I will definitely order from you again!


2013-08-17 03:09:16

Very nice, very pleased with this item! the foot design is very cute.
I am so glad that the delivery was within the time promised and they are very good stuff
Glad to be a member of this site. Thanks!!!


2013-08-17 01:12:56

WOW, OMG, I was so surprise that you send a pair of shoes for me, but later I found that they are bottle openers, nearly cheated by the outlook, really love them so much, thanks


2013-08-15 01:16:40

I bought 50 of these. very fast delivery ! Was really happy with the quality i am delighted with the bottle opener.

no problems with order thank you for good service:) would like to recommend this to all of you!


2013-08-13 01:17:34

At first, I was thought the package is for the shoes, but after read the introduction I realized that they are bottle openers, I love the shape of the opener so much, will come again


2013-08-12 00:19:56

Hi! Thank you for recommend me this favor! I was really a little bit hesitating in choosing these items for my wedding. This is really what I need for my wedding! You did a good job in finding me the cute bottle opener. Thanks again!