"Tedbir ötesinde Aşk" Kalp Şekilli Paslanmaz çelik Kaşık Seti Ile Saten Kurdele/Etiket
Renk: Pembe

"Tedbir ötesinde Aşk" Kalp Şekilli Paslanmaz çelik Kaşık Seti Ile Saten Kurdele/Etiket

11,59 TL

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Ürün Kodu #5522
fırsat Düğün, Gelin Duş
Temalar Klasik tema
Mevsim Bahar, Düşmek, Yaz, Kış
Kategori Kaşık Seti
şekil Kalp Şekilli
Malzemeler Paslanmaz çelik
süsleme Kurdeleler, Etiket
Renk Pembe, Mor
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2019-09-02 19:40:18

We absolutely love these and can't wait for our guests to receive them on our wedding day, delivery was very fast as well.


2019-02-06 01:58:58

Exactly as pictured


2018-07-17 10:23:23

Was really pleased with the presentation of these wedding favours, I hope my
Guests at my daughters wedding love them as I do, whenever their in use it
Will always remind them of the day.


2018-02-16 01:58:28

So gorgeous, we have ordered them as favours for the men at our Ibizia Wedding this year.


2017-03-24 21:12:39

These exceeded my expectations! Love the look and quality of the product. These will be great as favors for our wedding. Very happy with my purchase and fast shipping. Thanks JJshouse.



2015-11-23 00:35:03

I got my package today.

This item is as beautiful as your dresses. TAHNK YOU SO MUCH:) Will buy more items from you guys. I love your website. It is very convenient and the price is also very reasonable.

Will be back soon.


2014-10-04 14:20:08

I ordered these for part of the gifts for my bridesmaids and maid of honor. They are absolutely adorable! I had to order myself a set - great price for a great item!


2013-12-12 16:27:42

Lovely packaging, great idea. Can't wait to see them on my wedding tables. Very pleased.


2013-12-11 10:36:28

These are not the official "love Beyond Measure" Kate Aspen spoons, rather a cheaper version. Having the color boxes are nice to coordinate with the theme of the event. There are no markings on each spoon to show that it is a tablespoon, teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon etc. so that's kinda confusing. Each box is individually wrapped in cellophane so you would have to remove it from each box before giving as gifts.


2013-11-14 01:35:54

I held a big feast for my wedding, and there needs lots of spoons and forks, thanks for the spoons you sent us and they are very useful and convenient, the feast is a big success, thanks