"Bay Bayan."/Kişiselleştirilmiş Ahşap Halka Kutusu
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"Bay Bayan."/Kişiselleştirilmiş Ahşap Halka Kutusu

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Ürün Kodu #217048
fırsat Halka Kutusu
Yüzük Kutu Boyutu 5cm*5cm*3.5cm
Ana Kaplama Kumaş Ahşap
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2020-09-08 13:00:44

I cannot Express enough how happy I am with my personalised ring box! Thank you very much jjshouse. My 2 rings fit perfectly inside, even though my husband ring is rather large and the insert keeps them both secure and wont scratch the rings. I cannot wait to use the box on my wedding day and get to keep a beautiful keepsake! The delivery was lightening fast, I really didnt expect the order so quickly. I highly recommend.



2020-07-16 14:21:36

Wow wow wow this little wooden ring holder box is such an amazing personalised keepsake for the future. The product came as ordered and how is displayed in images online. You know what your buying and get that. They come with hessian insert which we covered to blue and white ribbon as we have a more formal wedding and looks amazing. Would recommend this product as we absolutely Love the wooden box. Lid is tight and pulls on and off but doesnt fall off. Great price for the personalised product!



2020-09-30 02:15:38

Great quality fast shipment and great tracking of purchase <3


2020-09-09 15:09:00

this is just what we were after


2020-08-31 20:35:31

I'm so happy with my purchase
It is a gift for my son on his wedding day


2020-07-17 21:44:16

Absolutely love it well made and beautiful thank you make any wedding day feel even more special


2020-06-17 15:55:58

Very simple and delicate.