İki katmanlı Parmak ucu Gelin Veils Ile Kalem Kenar
Renk: Alacakaranlık

İki katmanlı Parmak ucu Gelin Veils Ile Kalem Kenar

132,00 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

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işlem süresi: 5-6 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün
Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #3757
fırsat Parmak ucu Gelin Veils
Kumaş Tül
Duvak Katmanı İki katmanlı
Duvak Şekli Klasik
Kenar Tarzı Kalem Kenar
Gösterildi Renk Beyaz
mevcut Renk Beyaz, Fildişi
Gerçek Peçe Uzunluğu 43.31 inç (110 cm)
Kısa Katman Uzunluğu 29.53 içinde (75cm)
Mevsim Bahar, Yaz, Düşmek, Kış
Nasıl Giyim Hazır giyim, Veil ile Tarak
İpuçları Renkli & Style temsil monitör göre değişebilir
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2013-02-16 06:54:52

My hair is short and I have ordered the veil "just in case". However, it has a nice white comb on the top, which allows to fix it very well. I used a couple of hairpins with flowers additionally, so it looked nice and was quite robust to the wind. I recommend it as the perfect thing for its price.



2018-01-14 05:16:39

It doesn't look right on me, but that's my own opinion. I'm ordering champagne instead of ivory. Beautiful veil



2013-08-13 02:32:30

My wedding is next week, I just receive the items ordered here yesterdays, the time is really in time, for the wedding dress, I order it custom size, it fit me well and do not to make alteration on it, the veil also goes well on it. So happy. ::)))


2013-07-27 00:47:35

It is exactly as I expected. and there already has comb with the veil, very easy to weat. Really great.
The edge is great and the veil well made overall. Great value. I would definitely recommend to other brides!
Thank you !!


2013-08-03 23:39:57

I received the veil the day before yesterday, It came a lot earlier than expected.
Your makers make it perfect and I can't find any defect on the veil. It's quite a beautiful veil, and what’s more the length is suitable for me.. Thank you for everything!


2013-07-28 22:46:10

Hi,guys.I just fell in love with this veil at the first look.I got have it and i ordered it immediately.The veil came today and i felt that i did the right thing buying it.It is so simple but elegant,goes perfectly with my wedding dress.I am so happy and ready for my wedding!!


2013-01-31 00:54:38

I received the veil for my daughter just in time for us to go to the store to pick her dress up. she was able to try her dress on with her New veil that I order from your company. All I can say is job well done. She looked so amazing. Thank you a lot.


2013-07-16 03:06:07

The express was so quick which surprised me a lot, i ordered 7 days ago, and i didn't expect it before 20th, but i received it today, i tried it at once, what i want to say though it is a little short for me, but the quality is high.


2012-12-26 01:32:18

i bought the veil to match my wedding dress which was bought from your website.The colour of the veil matchs well with my wedding dress.And the length of the veil is what i had dreamt of.I am planing to buy other accessories from your website.Thanks


2013-07-20 23:39:34

i really very satisfied with the veil i received two days ago, the fabric you used to make it is good and comfortable, thank you for sending this nice veil