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2020-06-20 08:06:23

It was really quick to have them change the color for me. I ordered a navy and didnt realize it until a week later. They saved the day by being able to switch to the dark navy.



2020-04-16 07:54:10

I bought this dress for me son's wedding. I am 6' tall and had a hard time finding a dress long enough to wear a little heal. I was a little worried knowing I would not be able to return having special customized size, but so glad I did! I did a hollow length of 61.5 and am wearing a 1.5 inch heal in photo. The material is comfortable and flows beautifully!



2017-04-02 12:05:58

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. My daughter is a bigger girl and they were able to customize my dress and give me exactly what I was looking for and at an affordable price. It is very good material and great quality. I Am going to order my wedding favors and bridesmaids jewelry from here as well. Oh and not to mention there customer service was awesome. They responded to emails in a timely fashion and when I asked them to give me a call they did that as well. This was just overall a great experience and I am so pleased!



2020-05-06 20:11:31

Very impressed! Good quality and detail. We were looking for a grey but wanted something a little different. Settled on the color "stormy" and it's very unique!



2019-11-19 17:27:06

I would not recccomend because I got my veil and it was all wrinkled and the edges are all uneven and jagged. There are random cut marks and this veil is ugly. I do not even want to wear it on my wedding day.



2018-04-01 18:12:48

It takes a lot to impress me but I can truly say this company is impressive. The quality of your workmanship is impeccable. Your service very good as well. Had a wedding last week and I loved my dress and all the other dresses in the wedding which were also purchased from JJSHOUSE. The fit is great and the options are numerous. Thanks for delivering ????



2017-05-24 17:52:48

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. It was a little big on me and I had to take it in on the waist, even after I opted to customize it. I bought a petticoat but decided not to wear it after all. The details on this dress is so perfect. Customer service was great with JJS HOUSE, prompt response and fast shipping. I would highly recommend this dress and this store.
Thank you.



2017-10-24 08:50:43

I ordered a size 5 for my almsot 5 year old, and requested a burgundy sash with a ivory dress to make her match our wedding theme perfect. Her dress came out to be very white but it was beautiful and perfect nonetheless. I'm so pleased with JJ's house :)



2018-05-08 05:37:28

This was my first order. White fur coat. I had to contact customer service to change delivery time and they handled it perfectly. Got item alot sooner than expected. Product was beautiful! Made my daughters prom perfect! Thank you so much! Brenda, Colorado



2018-09-10 17:43:05

I live in Argentina and I was afraid about buying my wedding dress in USA!
The dress is beautiful and of high quality. It is neatly embroidered and looks exactly like the picture. The fit was perfect, I do not regret buying it, everyone complimented me! The people in customer service were extremely helpful, the delivery was fast and the dress came neatly packaged. All in all, a great experience!