Güzel Kristal/Yapay elmas Combs ve Tokalarım (Tek parça Satılan)
Renk: Ilıca

Güzel Kristal/Yapay elmas Combs ve Tokalarım (Tek parça Satılan)

51,00 TL

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Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün
Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #137967
fırsat Combs ve Tokalarım, Düğün, Özel Amaçlar, gündelik, Açık, Parti, şenlik, Sanat fotoğrafçılık
miktar (Tek parça Satılan)
Malzemeler Kristal, Yapay elmas
uzunluk 3.94" (Approx.10cm)
genişlik 4.33" (Approx.11cm)
yükseklik 0.39" (Yakl.1cm)
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2019-04-15 16:30:26

Looks cheap, but might look okay in hair.
HOWEVER, I would like to advise against ordering with JJs house. I put in a large order thinking that I would simply return what I did not eventually want - they advertise easy return shipping. I have NEVER experienced such a headache with returning products before. Not only do you have to put in an individual ticket item for each individual return, then take a picture and 'explain why the item is defective', you then also have to FIGHT with the customer service center to get a full refund. I had to exchange several emails with the customer care team before they gave me the option to get a full refund, instead of store credit or a percentage of cost back for the unwanted items. The final straw (and why I'm writing this angry review) was that after going through ALL of this, I spent $30 to return the box of items (valued at $120 in returns), and only received $69 of the total $120 I was owed. SO ANGRY at this awful, awful site. Yes, it is cheaper that other retailers, but when you factor in the extra headache and lost money in returns and crappy products (one bracelet broke within 3 hours of its first wearing), it absolutely was not worth it. I wish I had read a review like this before I ordered anything with them - I certainly would have looked elsewhere.


2018-07-14 23:32:42

Love this clip - great quality for the price!



2018-09-07 21:31:06

I already wrote a review but here's the picture



2018-06-27 16:03:44

The item is exactly what was expected. I think it will fit my bridesmaids buns. The best part is that it is flexible and it can be moved around.


2018-09-07 21:14:42

Gorgeous and just like the photo advertising it. I bought three and they all arrived in perfect condition. P.s in picture I'm wearing the 'Ladies Vintage Rhinestone/Alloy Tiaras" from here.


2019-05-23 18:27:10

Very pretty.


2018-11-04 16:04:58

Exactly like the picture. It's so beautiful.


2018-04-03 21:05:04

As pictured


2019-02-18 02:23:54

Very small