Denizkızı Yuvarlak Yaka Kuyruklu Jersey Gelinlik
Renk: Fildişi Rengi

Denizkızı Yuvarlak Yaka Kuyruklu Jersey Gelinlik

1.082,00 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

  • Renk:
    Fildişi Rengi Alacakaranlık Şampanya
  • Yüzük ölçüsü:
    Özel boyut

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  • Dertsiz Tasasiz Iade
Dikiş Vakti: 15-18 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün

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Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #119800
Siluet Denizkızı
Neckline Yuvarlak Yaka
uzunluk Kuyruklu
Kumaş Jersey
Sırt Stili Up fermuar
Tamamen Çizgili Evet
Bra Dahili HAYIR
Boning HAYIR
Gösterildi Renk Fildişi Rengi
boyut Genel, Büyük Beden
Sezon Kış, bahar, Yaz, Düşmek
düğün Mekanları Bahçe / Dış Mekan
Model'in Elbise Ölçüsü US 2 / UK 8 / EU 34
Model Bilgisi Yükseklik:5.6ft Göğüs:32in Bel:23in Kalça:35in
Kollu & Askı Normal Askılı
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2020-09-03 09:08:37

I had been searching for the perfect beach/backyard wedding dress for my August wedding. This dress was perfect. The only changes I made for this dress was to add some "boobs" and I also had a bustle made so that it didn't drag around on the grass. I felt very sophisticated in this dress. Lots of compliments on my wedding day. Thank you!



2020-09-30 16:22:14

This dress is so chic and beautiful!!! I was so surprised that it fit so perfectly and the material is such great quality!!



2020-10-06 01:15:58

STUNNING... honestly cannot praise this enough! I am IN LOVE! The dress fits so so well, the fabric is such good quality and even has an underskirt to it! If you're even considering this BUY BUY BUYYYYY



2020-08-19 19:16:01

After spending ages looking for wedding dresses around the city I found nothing I liked. I was sceptical about buying online but when I received this dress I couldn't believe how amazing the fit and quality was.
I am over the moon with my purchase and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day!
The delivery was also fantastic and arrived sooner then I expected.
Thank you so much!



2020-04-28 03:46:02

I purchased an expensive dress from a bridal boutique and it turned into a HUGE unfixable disaster! I very nearly didn't have a dress for my big day! I decided to try JJ's house, not knowing what to expect. But, WOW! All my questions were answered with ease, I received all the help I needed with measuring myself to order a custom size and it was made, posted, and received within 12 days! I still did not know what to expect when I opened it, but when I saw it I knew it was the one! It fit perfectly and was super soft and comfortable! Not to mention a bargain buy! My whole day was literally saved by JJ's house! Thank you so much!!



2020-09-23 15:00:22

Omg! I tried 4 dresses on in person before I finally ordered this one, and this dress put all others to shame, even $400 ones! I wish I would've paid for custom sizing. I ordered a size up to be sure and took it to my tailor around the corner. I love it. I love it! Very classy, elegant, chic and subtly sexy. Even as a curvier woman, it gives a smooth silhouette and slimming affect. Can't wait to wear this for my BIG DAY! Pic to come soon.


2019-07-25 05:50:31

This wedding dress is amazingly beautiful. People thought I had spent thousands of dollars on it. The quality is excellent! I chose to send my measurements and I am so glad I did. I did not have to do any alterations! The dress fit perfectly. I could not be happier with how it turned out.
I was unsure to purchase a dress online, but JJ's House changed that for me. If you are on the fence, follow the measurement guide and send in your sizes. You will not regret it!!



2020-07-16 20:11:05

The dress truly is beautiful. I ordered a 6 and I'm 5' 7", 145 lbs. My body is pear shaped, so it was a bit too tight in the hips. I plan to return it because it's just not what I envisioned for myself.



2019-08-30 11:50:17

I am very satisfied with the dress. I cannot wait to wear it on the day and would urge every bride to ‘risk’ buying an online dress.

I fell in love with this dress while looking for inspiration before going to try dresses on. But couldn’t find anything that matched this so decided I had to just risk it and order it. The size guide was easy to read but I was slightly off on a few of the measurements and a load off on the length, so paid extra for custom measurements.

It fits soo well and is very flattering. I’m very happy.
4 stars purely for the fact it’s really hard to keep the lining underneath the seams, when they shift out of place you can see them through the outer layer of the dress.

I was worried about the material, as I didn’t know what ‘jersey’ would be like. But it’s soft and comfortable and still looks classy.



2020-05-13 08:41:35

I was surprised with how good the quality was. It's a bit see through on the chest, but I'll be putting a bra under so it's fine. I used the custom sizing which I would recommend. It's quite tight around the bottom, so if you're curvier in any areas I would recommend mentioning this. Overall, am pleased with the purchase and looking forward to wearing the dress on my wedding day.