Denizkızı Sweetheart Kısa Kuyruk Şifon Gelinlik Ile Büzgü boncuklu kısım
Renk: Alacakaranlık

Denizkızı Sweetheart Kısa Kuyruk Şifon Gelinlik Ile Büzgü boncuklu kısım

1.017,00 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

  • Renk:
    Fildişi Rengi Alacakaranlık Şampanya
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    Özel boyut

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Dikiş Vakti: 15-18 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün

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Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #6370
Siluet Denizkızı
Neckline Sweetheart
uzunluk Kısa Kuyruk
Kumaş Şifon
Emblishment Büzgü, boncuklu kısım
Sırt Stili Up fermuar, Örtülü Düğme
Tamamen Çizgili Evet
Bra Dahili Evet
Boning Evet
Gösterildi Renk Alacakaranlık
boyut Genel, Büyük Beden
Sezon bahar, Yaz
düğün Mekanları plaj
Model'in Elbise Ölçüsü US 2 / UK 8 / EU 34
Model Bilgisi Yükseklik:5.8ft Göğüs:33in Bel:24in Kalça:34in
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2019-03-21 18:54:59

Very satisfied, I did take it in to get metal clips instead of the plastic snaps because it snapped open when I breathed. I am still satisfied. LOVED! couldn't be more happier of how it turned out.



2014-09-23 17:28:06

MY dress was absolutely beautiful and I loved everything about it. The timing and response from your team was excellent. I've convinced two family members to order and they will be getting their wedding gown as well as bridal gowns from your company. In total it'll be about 25 gowns between the two weddings. I absolutely love your dresses.



2019-07-25 13:25:44

Satisfied with my purchase but I know I will have to get it altered. The Bust area is very loose and the hip area is very tight. The quality of the dress is good.



2016-02-14 14:46:35

Beautiful dress.



2019-07-26 10:02:26

My wife bought a dress here and when our wedding day arrived and she put the dress on the zipper broke and they had to safety pin the dress to keep it up. She had to wear my coat for the reception and the wedding suffered because of this.

We tried to get help from this company and they offered us a 10 percent coupon off another purchase! Talk about lousy customer service. They showed NO remorse and won't give us any kind of credit on the dress. I don't think they know how terrible this was on our wedding day! I am disgusted with this company and wouldn't recommend them to anyone as they don't stand behind their product and I would just hate for anyone elses special day be ruined by cheap dresses.

I told them I would leave a poor review for them and they didn't seem to care so here we are. Beware of the shotty materials they put in these dresses and watch out for their terrible customer service. They DO NOT stand behind their products nor their customers. I will do everything in my power to warn people about this company and recommend that they purchase elsewhere.


2012-11-10 12:24:52

I bought 2 dresses from you in a month. I ordered this dress, and it is so flattering! I mismeasured myself and it had to be altered a bit to fit in the chest..but it was off 2 inches, and so were my measurements...only the bust area..the rest was perfect. The gown quality is fabulous! I have tried on so many dresses and couldn't find anything to fit me like this dress does! I am thrilled and have recommended you to my family and friends.


2014-08-01 09:12:05

the cress is absolutely gorgeous and fits my daughter well. We had custom measurements and all I had to do is take it the threading where the hook was as it just was a little loose for her, but other than that perfect.
Will be ordering bridesmaid dresses from you also.


2012-11-30 01:08:39

I had a very good experience. My dress came on time it's just what I ordered. Thanks for the excellent purchase...PLUS I chose the quickest postage option and my dress was with me 2 and a half weeks after I paid online, amazing how fast it got here. It was packaged REALLY well :)
Thank you again


2018-01-24 04:08:15

Beautiful dress, carefully made with attention to detail. Customer service has been superb as had to send first dress back as it didn't quite fit across my broad back. Supplied measurements and replacement dress fits perfectly. Can't wait for my special day now to wear it. Thank you


2012-12-10 23:18:02

The quality is very good, the size is right, and it looks even better than the picture, i am very happy with this purchase ok , i will recommend your site to my sister and friends ,never hesitating. thank you guys