Çan V yaka Bilek boy Şifon Gelin Annesi Elbisesi Ile Büzgü boncuklu kısım
Renk: Siyah

Çan V yaka Bilek boy Şifon Gelin Annesi Elbisesi Ile Büzgü boncuklu kısım

1.022,00 TL

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    Avcı Yeşili Erik Tozlu Mavi Arduvaz Mavisi Şeftali Pembesi Blush Leylak Şarap Nostaljik Leylak Açık Mavi Tarçın Gül Rengi Lacivert Koyu Mavi Fırtınalı Mürekkep Mavisi Kraliyet Mavisi Ilıca Çelik grisi Siyah Üzüm Alacakaranlık Tozlu Gül İnci Pembesi Şampanya Boz Şarap Rengi Okyanus mavisi Gökyüzü Mavisi Sis havuz Ilıca Mercan Kızarmış Pembe Şeker Pembesi Fuşya Orkide Morsalkım Tahiti leylak Lavanta naibliksüresi Kara Dut Kırmızı ateş kırmızısı Karpuz Koyu Yeşil Tavus Kuşu Açık Yeşil Türkuaz Nane Yeşili uçuk yeşil Adaçayı Limon Yeşili Yonca Fildişi Rengi Alacakaranlık Papaya Altın Sarısı Turuncu Papaya Çikolata Kahverengi
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Dikiş Vakti: 12-15 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün

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Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #5756
Siluet Çan
Neckline V yaka
uzunluk Bilek boy
Kumaş Şifon
Emblishment Büzgü, boncuklu kısım
Askı Omuzdan Askılı
Kol Kolsuz
Sırt Stili Up fermuar
Tamamen Çizgili Evet
Bra Dahili Evet
Boning Evet
Gösterildi Renk Siyah
Boyut Genel, Artı
Model'in Elbise Ölçüsü US 2 / UK 8 / EU 34
Model Bilgisi Yükseklik:5.7ft Göğüs:34in Bel:24in Kalça:35in
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2014-05-11 06:54:59

I ordered this dress for my May wedding. Size 14, Ivory color, no custom order. I usually wear size 12 so please measure as I did to be certain of the size you require. I am very impressed by the detail and impeccable styling. The dress has a lot of pleats in the back and the pleats were perfectly aligned. This dress was made with a lot of love and pride of workmanship. It is not see-through when light or sun shines behind it.

I have a large bust and the only alteration I did was have the sewn-in bra (pads) removed by a dry cleaner for $15.00 CAD. The gown comes with boning and this was sufficient to keep my bust secure. I have a longer torso and I forgot to include this as a custom request, but all in all I was pretty happy.

I used to shy away from formal events due to the expense of purchasing something I won't wear often. Now I can't wait to order the next outfit knowing it is possible to have quality, fashion and value. From the time I received notice the dress was being shipped it was exactly 1.5 days to receive it from China to Canada.

Now when you go to the local bridal salon and they fuss about getting exacts measurements for you, you know it is because they are going to order it on line from JJ's House but put their label on it....



2014-07-28 13:59:42

I absolutely loved this dress. It arrived within 10 days of order which included having the custom fit option. This was a mother of the bride dress for my daughters wedding in Italy. It was very well made and travelled well in a suitcase with no pressing or ironing required. I used the made to measure and it arrived as a perfect fit. I did measure exactly while in my bra and knickers. I would be a European size 16 , 5'4". I also ordered the chiffon shawl but am still undecided as to whether it was a good idea but I don't normally like my arms uncovered but in the Italian heat it was probably unnecessary. Photos attached. I will definitely be ordering again in the future.



2017-10-12 22:17:06

I was of course skeptical ordering a dress online for my step daughter's wedding. JJ's House had a great selection, great prices and a dress I liked in teal, the color she wanted me to wear. I did the custom order, sent my measurements, and the dress fit like a glove. It came very quickly, in less than 10 days. I was VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the dress. The pleating was nicely done, each stitched down, the dress was lined, the zipper flat and the sequins very flattering. I received many compliments on the dress and will definitely order from JJ's house again.



2016-02-15 18:35:14

first time buying with JJ's so I was a little nervous but the dress came super quick and fit perfectly. No complaints. . Hint: you need to make sure you like what you are buying as returning the dress because you do not like it does not appear to be an option. I really like seeing the dresses on real people and not just models. This really helps



2014-05-25 09:31:50

I could not be more pleased with the dress that I purchased! I chose to have my dress made according to my measurements. I had a co-worker to measure me one night at work. I was placing my order later than I should have for my daughter's wedding for May 31st. I was even hesitant to place my order, because of the time span that it took to make this dress. However, I knew that this was the perfect style dress for my daughter's wedding! I had found this same style of a dress on another website, but the dress didn't have the rhinestones on the side of the dress as pictured here. I had originally was going to order the dress from the other website. But, I kept putting off placing my order, due to not knowing if it would even fit. I saw that the number of days for the dress to be completed and shipped were several days sooner than the other website therefore I chose my dress in a Royal Blue even if it had the rhinestones on it. (Now, I am glad I did!) I sent in my measurements, and added a note as to how I was measured, and that I needed the dress before May 31st. So, within one day before a week after I ordered the dress, I received an email that my dress had been completed and was shipped, and that my package would be delivered by UPS the next day, which was 1 week to the date that I had placed my order. I will tell everyone that I know that if they need a dress for a special occasion that JJ'S House is the place to make their order. I could not tell you how pleased I am with the service that was provided to get my dress to me almost a week earlier that it was suppose to be delivered. I will definitely continue to use this website when needed. I do recommend to use your own measurements because these people know how to measure and make a dress perfect for you!!!! Thank you JJ's House! You were awesome!


2019-08-07 10:56:08

The dress was at least a size smaller than listed. It took several emails and I had to submit pictures of me in the ill fitting dress which was humiliating and degrading to even get a return address. Then I am offered to keep it for a 40% refund...why would I want a dress that doesn’t fit! Was finally refunded less than the original cost of the dress because yoy kept $28.00. What a rip off! Then offer me $5.00 voucher for a review. I would NEVER recommend your company and plan to share my poor experience!


2014-11-01 05:32:05

I just received my dress, I custom ordered it in chocolate, I also ordered the 3/4 sleeve wrap to go with. I cannot even explain how wonderfully made this dress is. It fits perfectly!!! Honestly it is more beautiful then I expected. My husband thinks it's beautiful as well. The wrap goes perfectly with the dress. I am wearing this for my sons wedding at the end of the month..I know I will feel beautiful. I ordered this dress on a Monday and received the dress the next Wednesday..custom made!!! Thank you so much!!!


2014-05-19 20:48:21

I ordered the custom fit of this dress and it is perfect! I received my order faster than the predicted time and it is just what I wanted for my daughter's wedding. I ordered royal blue and am very happy with the color. The workmanship, fabric quality, the drape of the fabric, the beading, everything is well done. I am so happy I ordered from JJ's House. I had shopped all over, including several cities in two states. I should have started with JJ's!


2015-03-11 08:31:46

This is my second dress from jjs house. The first was for my daughters wedding 2 years ago. I was so pleased with my first dress i decided to order off this site for my Sons wedding in May. This time i have had the dress made to measure and I am pleased to say it fits perfectly . It is very well made and excellent value. I could not believe that my dress was with me in the UK within 10 days. I would certainly recommend this site to anyone. Thanks jjs house.


2014-11-02 01:45:32

This is a beautiful dress that compliments my figure (rather fullsome these days) and it makes me feel elegant. It appears to be skirt and top separate in the picture but it is all one dress and beautifully crafted. The bodice has boning in the top and even though I am rather generous in the bust (44" DD) there is ample support and enough coverage on the dress to wear a normal bra.

I love this dress for formal cocktail parties.