Çan V yaka Uzun Etekli Kadife Mezuniyet Elbisesi Ile Bölünmüş Ön
Renk: Şarap Rengi

Çan V yaka Uzun Etekli Kadife Mezuniyet Elbisesi Ile Bölünmüş Ön

778,00 TL

% 70 KAPALI Gönderide

  • Renk:
    Şarap Rengi Kırmızı Kraliyet Mavisi Siyah Fildişi Rengi
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    Özel boyut

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Dikiş Vakti: 12-15 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün

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Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #138337
Siluet Çan
Neckline V yaka
uzunluk Uzun Etekli
Emblishment Bölünmüş Ön
Kumaş Kadife
Askı Spagetti Askılar
Kol Kolsuz
Sırt Stili Up fermuar
Tamamen Çizgili Evet
Bra Dahili Evet
Boning Yok hayır
Gösterildi Renk Şarap Rengi
boyut Genel, Büyük Beden
Mevsim Bahar, Yaz, Düşmek
Model Bilgisi Yükseklik:5.7ft Göğüs:31in Bel:23in Kalça:36in
Model'in Elbise Ölçüsü US 2 / UK 8 / EU 34
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2019-05-07 12:57:37

This dress is really high quality (surprisingly so). I was very pleasantly astonished by how thick the material is, and it holds up incredibly well. The back isn't flimsy as one might expect, but actually really strong.
That being said, the only badly-made part of the dress seemed to be the boob area. I don't know why they've designed it like this, but the sides were really flappy and looked very odd. This was fixed with some tailoring, but still I think it could have looked a lot better had they just made it a slightly different shape.
Also, be aware that the slit is very very high, and you'll flash a lot of people when dancing (I learnt this the hard way). This is again fixable if you sew it up, but just be aware of this.
Final thoughts: I love this dress, but it will require extra effort and money to go to a tailor and correct some of the poorly designed parts, so keep that in mind if you're short on time/money.



2018-04-26 21:55:43

I love this dress! As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. When it arrived I was supper happy with the quality. It is soft velvet with a liner, the colour is georgians! I custom ordered my size and it came a bit big so I needed to have it taken in slightly. The dress is heavy stretchy fabric and seems to fit a bit on the big side so maybe order on the smaller side.



2020-01-13 09:52:31

I ordered this dress not really knowing what to expect- it came SO MUCH quicker than sais (1-3 months) but it came in just 3 weeks! For the price it is so so good quality material and so pretty!
If u know someone called isabelle towers please do not get this as i will be wearing it at prom thxs !



2018-06-01 00:06:53

I absolutely love this dress. It is form fitting, elegant, and all around stunning! Once the dress came in, I tacked the slit (it originally goes all the way up to the crotch) and had minor alterations. Most definitely a great buy. Perfect for prom or other formals!



2018-11-11 18:27:18

Fried mac n cheese, cheesecake on a stick, my girls, and an appearance by ill/RON, can’t think of a better prom #jjshouse


2020-03-14 09:14:46

Quality was very good you can definitely tell it's velvet not heavy but the slit is high however the dress is just the right weight so that it wouldn't fly away the breast area was slightly too low so I'm getting the straps tightened a bit however overall the dress is so nice fits perfectly which is surprising because I'm a size 4 and size 6 doesn't fit sometimes but it did comes exactly as shown in the picture and I would deffo recommend it.


2018-07-02 01:42:58

The dress was amazing!Perfect for a school ball or a special event. I ordered custom sizing and the dress fitted perfectly.



2018-04-24 13:46:31

Really good quality material and fits well, only annoying thing is the straps feel very flimsy and you just need to be a bit careful with them other than that I love it



2018-03-15 14:14:43

Absolutely beautiful! It took less time than they announced and arrived early! I ordered my dress with expedited shipping and it took less than two weeks to arrive? I was the epitome of surprised. The fabric is heavy and thick, the padding in the chest area is fitting, and there is indeed extra fabric in case alterations are needed in most of the seams from what I can see. I am size 2 according to their chart and it is still loose fitting but not baggy. Given I am 5'4 and 106 pounds, it is extremely long. My six inch heels still allowed for about an inch to drag on the floor, I need heels regardless but it is a beautiful dress. My only concern is the straps on the back, like every other dress I would recommend taking extra care to not pull them roughly, they're a bit loose actually. This is definitely a dress to wear with heels unless you want to alter off a good 7 inches!


2018-07-09 08:00:25

Gourgeous dress, i love it.