Bayan Şık Yapay elmas/Alaşım/Taklit inciler Taçlar Ile Yapay elmas/Venedik İnci
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Bayan Şık Yapay elmas/Alaşım/Taklit inciler Taçlar Ile Yapay elmas/Venedik İnci

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Ürün Kodu #138720
fırsat Taçlar, Düğün, Özel Amaçlar
Malzemeler Yapay elmas, Alaşım, Taklit inciler
Taşlar Yapay elmas, Venedik İnci
uzunluk 12.60" (Approx.32cm)
genişlik 2.36" (Approx.6cm)
kullanım Diğerleri
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2019-07-29 08:40:20

I'm getting married soon, and have been shopping around for a nice crown/headpiece to go with my dress. My cousin told me about this website, and upon looking through the website, I immediately fell in love with this crown. I love the way it looks. It's simple, but also pretty fancy looking. It's got a good weight to it, heavier than I expected, and the design is lovely. Can't wait to order other accessories from here too.


2019-07-12 04:20:29

Item looks nice in person though.


2019-07-05 07:09:16

I love it! Great material, stones shine so bright! It has 3 stones lost.


2019-06-14 04:36:45

My purchase is exactly as I ordered - fantastic service and product


2019-05-07 07:17:00

I bought it for my daughter wedding, she likes it so much


2019-04-24 13:35:58

Looks great! Can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day.



2019-04-22 12:21:56

Absolutely love it.

I first thought it might be too big but I could bend the material to make it tighter and when putting it on it's not too heavy. It is still a little lose but I am sure the hair dresser will find a way to fix it for the day. I just love the sparkle and pearls as well. Also you might think the wiring is noticeable when first looking at it but as you can see from the pictures, you hardly see it.

Looks as described and I am sure I will look like a princess on my wedding day.


2019-03-29 18:36:48

Simple yet classy


2019-03-22 10:39:37

This tiara is the best tiara I've seen amazing price it's going to look amazing on my wedding day



2019-03-20 23:04:50

Very beautiful and great quality! I was extremely satisfied with this tiara, can’t wait to wear it for my wedding!