Balo Elbisesi/Prenses Sweetheart Uzun Etekli Saten Mezuniyet Elbisesi
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Balo Elbisesi/Prenses Sweetheart Uzun Etekli Saten Mezuniyet Elbisesi

866,00 TL

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    Resim Tozlu Mavi Leylak Blush Şeftali Pembesi Arduvaz Mavisi Şarap Nostaljik Leylak Şarap Rengi Kırmızı Koyu Mavi Kraliyet Mavisi Gökyüzü Mavisi Siyah İnci Pembesi Tozlu Gül Kızarmış Pembe Üzüm Şampanya Alacakaranlık Ilıca Koyu Yeşil Fırtınalı Mürekkep Mavisi Okyanus mavisi Sis havuz Ilıca Mercan Şeker Pembesi Fuşya Orkide Alacakaranlık Morsalkım Tahiti leylak Lavanta naibliksüresi Kara Dut ateş kırmızısı Karpuz Tavus Kuşu Açık Yeşil Türkuaz Nane Yeşili uçuk yeşil Adaçayı Limon Yeşili Yonca Boz Fildişi Rengi Çelik grisi Papaya Altın Sarısı Turuncu Papaya Çikolata Kahverengi
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Dikiş Vakti: 12-15 günler
Teslimat süresi: 2-6 gün

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Ayrıntıları Göster
Ürün Kodu #138378
Siluet Balo Elbisesi/Prenses
Neckline Sweetheart
uzunluk Uzun Etekli
Kumaş Saten
Askı Spagetti Askılar
Kol Kolsuz
Sırt Stili Up fermuar
Tamamen Çizgili Evet
Bra Dahili Evet
Boning Evet
Gösterildi Renk Çok renkli
boyut Genel, Büyük Beden
Mevsim Bahar, Yaz, Düşmek
Model Bilgisi Yükseklik:6ft Göğüs:32in Bel:23in Kalça:35in
Model'in Elbise Ölçüsü US 2 / UK 8 / EU 34
14 gün içerisinde standart ölçülerde sorunsuz geri dönüşler mevcuttur. Özel boyutlarda nihai satış. Ayrıntıları Gör


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2019-03-15 00:54:28

so so so so stoked to be able to finally share these pictures! I have waited over a year to do this shoot and Lexi freaking killed it! part two of the shoot coming soon though cause the weather sucked, so stay tuned!


2019-04-19 15:11:26

I was very wary about buying online, I measured myself and ordered the closest size to fit me, (4), and it fits perfectly! The color is a little brighter than burgundy, I’d say it’s more of a rose red, but still beautiful. The skirt is poofier than I imagined, but it feels well made, (not cheap). The top is a little loose, but it’s okay. I was nervous about it shipping to me in time (I ordered expedited shipping too) but including tailoring, shipping, and handling, it arrived at my doorstep in around 15 days.



2020-04-22 19:55:53

Fantastic and beautiful


2019-06-03 03:27:53

I was sceptical about this dress but it turned out better than I could have imagined. The skirt is absolutely incredible. I got so many compliments on this dress. And the colour is so beautiful!! I am buying again this year for my ball.



2019-05-06 15:32:16

I ordered this in a size 4 trying to be safe but probably should've ordered a 2 as it was quite big. I had to get it altered, but afterwards I loved it! Got lots of compliments. The dress was much brighter and shinier than it appears in the picture, but still beautiful! I would definitely recommend it.



2018-12-19 17:39:03

so so so so stoked to be able to finally share these pictures! I have waited over a year to do this shoot and Lexi freaking killed it! part two of the shooting coming soon though cause the weather sucked, so stay tuned!


2019-05-17 18:19:40

We ordered this dress relatively last-minute for my daughter's prom. She just couldn't find anything he right color and style in the stores. When she saw the picture she knew this was the dress, but she was worried about sizing because she's very petite. We did the custom fit and requested rush shipping. The dress fit like a glove - no alterations or even minor adjustments were needed. The color and shape was just as described and it looks amazing. We did need to get a lot of wrinkles out, but it went quickly with a steamer. The only thing we changed was to remove one layer of the taffeta under the skirt - she didn't want it so big. This is an amazing dress and I would not hesitate to order from JJ's House in the future!



2018-04-08 13:41:18

I was very sketched out when I first ordered this dress because I read so many bad reviews online about ordering from this website, but I ordered this dress anyway because they all said to order at my own risk which I did. I got the dress a week earlier than I was supposed to which I was extremely surprised about and ended up loving it. My only issue is the top is much shorter than it was in the picture and that there aren't any adjustable straps for it, and that I ordered the color in burgundy and it turned out to be more of a deep red. Overall I mainly have to get is altered in a couple places but other than that the dress is absolutely gorgeous!



2018-06-26 14:34:38

The dress itself is brilliant and exactly what I wanted. However, due to how difficult it was to ensure that it reached me, I’d say that the quality is mediocre and I’m unsure if it was worth the wait and the panicking. Terrible customer service, I felt as though I was going round in circles while trying to find out where my package was. It was delivered to the wrong address multiple times and on it’s way back to the seller by the time they got back to me. It reached me five days before the event even though I ordered it over a month in advance. I wouldn’t order from here again and advise everyone to be wary as your items may not even reach you.



2019-04-22 14:57:16

I was nervous about ordering online but the dress came at a good time and fits very nicely. The material is also better than I expected.